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Saturday, November 13, 2004

More MSN Blog Posts: Bombs, Feedback, and Local

The MSNSearch Weblog has three more posts. At this rate, they'll have more than Google has had in the seven months since they started their blog in a little over a week. To paraphrase:

Google, Microsoft no longer 'more evil than satan'
The result that put Google and MS in the top ten for evil is no more, thanks to an already updated algorithm. MS says they simply fixed some problems in the algo. Whether the funny result is what prompted the fix, no one will say.

How we’re doing
Microsoft says it has received a lot of feedback, served millions of queries, and updated a few bits of the engine. A lot of people want Newsbot integrated into the engine, and I agree with the idea.

Inside Near Me Search
An explanation of how the "Near Me" search works.


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