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Thursday, November 11, 2004

MSN Search Beta Finally Works!

After 12 hours of clicking "refresh" and "search", I am finally able to access MSN Search. If you've been waiting, now's your chance to take a test drive. Searching for "InsideGoogle" on MSN turns up 2.421 results, while on Google it shows 14,500. Ever wonder why its InsideGoogle and not Inside Google? Because the term InsideGoogle had six results when I started this blog, and I could easily search for every page that every mentions me. Not only does Google have more of those pages, but Microsoft doesn't list me as the top result for a word I invented! Where do I rank? I haven't found me yet. I am listed, but only my main page and 18 other pages. They still haven't indexed most of the 600+ inner pages. I don't know how MSN's default algorithm ranks pages, but if it can't figure out that the site in which every page has that word in the title, and that every single other page on the internet which has that word is linking to it, that it should be the number one result for that word, then it still needs a bit of work. I don't anticipate getting the kind of traffic I get from Google from MSN, not until they fix their ranking algorithm to have basic sense of how to determine the nexus of a linking pattern. Still, it's speed is decent, and I like the Search Builder.


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