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Friday, November 19, 2004

A Review Of Windows For Cell Phones

The AP's Bruce Meyerson has a review of Windows Mobile, the new version for cell phones. It's kind of cute, since Bruce and Windows Mobile seem to have fallen in love:
Priced and sized modestly enough for a non-wireless warrior, the 3.6-ounce handset is both sleek and packed with features you'd expect from a high-end organizer.

... a surprising counterintuitive plus...

... But the most appealing feature may be the Windows layout. The familiar desktop icons and Start Menu made it less intimidating as I tried out computer synchronization tools that are more common with hybrid phone-organizers that run on the Palm, BlackBerry and Microsoft PocketPC platforms.

... And yet, if you've never used an organizer, the sight of a Windows desktop on the phone may seem more comforting than the prospect of learning a new operating system.

... And if you do use Outlook on a PC, what could sound easier than synchronizing it with a program named Pocket Outlook using a third Microsoft program called ActiveSync?

... But with the Windows phone, I gave synchronization a try, and I don't think it could have been much simpler.


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