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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Microsoft Antivirus Is Coming

The next and most important cog missing in the MS security package is an antivirus solution. Forbes says we can expect one in mid-2005. This is based on information from McAfee, which says it expects having to compete with Microsoft around that time. Currently, MSN 9 (which I use) bundles McAfee's Antivirus and Firewall for free, but Microsoft declined extending that contract to MSN 10. McAfee believes MS will use MSN 10 as a way to ease MS Antivirus into the consumer market. I gotta say, I use the McAfee firewall and not the Windows one, because its just better. If MS Antivirus is as simplistic as Windows Firewall is, MSN users are going to be pissed at losing a good product they already like. Microsoft can release an antivirus, and should, but shooting MSN customers in the foot while doing so would be a terrible idea.
(via Seattle PI > Watching Microsoft Like A Hawk)


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