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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Microsoft Pairs With Inline Skater For Good Cause

Krzysztof Dzienniak rolled into Microsoft's Redmond headquarters today, completing a 100-day, 3,000 mile journey that will benefit two sick Polish girls. Krzysztof wanted to help the two girls, one of whom was born with a brain disease, the other lost her leg in accident, pay off over $20,000 in medical bills. He heard of Bill Gates' 2003 trip to Poland and his generous charitable donations, so he decided to skate across the entire United States to appeal to Gates for the money. He notified Microsoft's Poland spokesman Bartlomiej Danek, and headed off on his adventure. Microsoft set up an employee giving campaign, which promised to match all donations, including $1000 that Bill Gates already gave. He left August 28 and travelled roughly 32 miles a day, only taking off his skates when the terrain was impassible on inline skates. Krzysztof wore out three sets of wheels, and hed to beg passers-by for $150 for new skates when his were stolen at a gas station in Pennsylvania. No word yet from Microsoft on how much money was raised, but rest assured it will probably prove worth his effort for those two little girls back home. -AP


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