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Thursday, December 16, 2004

MSN Spaces To Be Upgraded Today

Scoble had a Meetup last night, and he reports that present at the Meetup was Jay Fleugel, lead program manager for MSN Spaces, who announced the service will be seeing an upgrade. Today. A week and a half after it launched.

I'm impressed. Not only are they working even after the product launch to continuously roll out fixes and new features, the changes coming today were recommended by the blogosphere. The team apparently scanned the comments from the various blogs and implemented the two things that were most asked for that could be coded quickly. I wonder what they are? Wanna speculate, faithful readers?

If we see this kind of dedication and rolling upgrades from the MSN Toolbar Suite and MSN Search teams, Google is in for the fight of its life. Who the hell can compete at that sort of level?

Possible changes:
  • No censorship
  • Search-friendly URLs
  • Post timestamp editing
  • New templates
  • More control over RSS feeds (wishful thinking)
  • API support (not even close to likely, not for months)
  • CSS layout editing
  • More comment control (ban IPs, for example)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My guesses would be:

Post timestamp editing
More comment control

But I would love

CSS layout editing
Search-friendly URLs

9:34 AM  

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