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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

CNet Reviews Seven Search Toolbars

CNet has a comprehensive review of seven major search toolbars. The ratings:
  1. Google & Yahoo - 8.3 (out of 10) (tied) - Yahoo gets the Editor's Choice nod because of its antispyware features.
  2. A9 - 7.3 - loses points for not having special searches (news, stock market) and no pop-up blocker whitelist options.
  3. HotBot & Alta Vista - 7 (tied) - Few special searches or added features (plus HotBot loses points for having such a lousy index).
  4. MSN - 6.7 - New toobar coming out next month, as part of Desktop Search.
  5. Ask Jeeves - 6.3 - Has the most features, but not a very good piece of software, and puts an annoying frame around web pages it finds..
You can also check out CNet's "performance comparison" (literally counting which site has the most results) of the major search engines.


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