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Monday, November 15, 2004

How's That Service Pack 2 Working Out For You?

Windows XP Service Pack 2 is considered a very important update to Windows, helping combat the war against viruses and other malicious programs and persons. The problem is, many people are reporting problems with it. The Seattle Post-IntelliGencer has an article detailing many of the different ways people have seen the pack not work, or worse, destroy their computer. Also, they are running a poll (information available here) asking users how their experience with SP2 has gone. Myself, the pack has nearly killed my system. I can no longer close the lid on my laptop without Windows crashing and rebooting, and Dell tells me its a common problem with SP2 and Inspirons. Of course, I'm more afraid of ruining my system by trying to uninstall than by leaving it alone with its problems.


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