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Thursday, November 11, 2004

InsideMicrosoft? Maybe, Maybe... Why Not?

This is the post that inspired this blog. Consider it a marker. Everything before this is from InsideGoogle, everything after is original content.

From InsideGoogle:

Raghu says:
Nathan from InsideGoogle has been following with this development every minute. I felt like it has become InsideMicrosoft since last night. Anyway, in his latest post, he listed out all local MSN search betas. I'm not into Yahoo for searching, let alone Microsoft. I just want to Google around.
Ha! Nice. Not to worry, Google still occupies much of my thoughts. MSN is just the big news. Just to be sure, I picked up just in case. Anyone want to help me run it? You'll get instant readership. I could also use assistance adding MSN-related blogs to my Blogroll.


Blogger netdroid9 said...

InsideMicrosoft... Do you want to know about longhorn? Has it been delayed another decade? Find out, right here ;).

lol... I'll add you to my atom link collection (Soon to be included into a gmail tab for tabmgr, the MSN Messenger configuration alternative. For that matter, now I can scratch the elaborate coding *cough changing a few settings on gmail-lite to make it look like my own cough* and go for good ole pop3 access ;))

12:53 AM  

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