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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Microsoft Looking For A Few (4,300) Good Men in response to a recent Scoble post about the need for developers in the U.S., that there is a serious need for new people at MS.
although, we've said it before, I'll say it again. We currently have about 4,300 open positions at Microsoft across all groups and disciplines. Roughly 1,500 of those are what we would consider industry product development positions (SDE, SDET, STE, PM). Of these 1,500 openings, 95% of them are at corporate headquarters in Redmond, WA. We offer an awesome relocation package and I would be happy to share with you my own relocation story. I made the trip all the way from Cleveland - a long way away from home these days!
Bottom line: Companies aren't outsourcing to India; they just can't find anybody here! The U.S. doesn't have enough programmers, and the government doesn't put effort into training the populace to handle a tech economy. The government should be setting up tax breaks for people who study for high-tech fields in college, so we don't have as many people with political science degrees. Not to say those people are stupid (I have one), but we need incentives for people to enter the industry. Microsoft noting it needs 4,300 new people may excite those who are already in that field, but no recent high school graduate is looking at those numbers and seeing an opportunity. If India can do it, surely we can. Will we?


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