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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

MSN Wave 11 Details Leaked

Neowin has details on Microsoft's planned major revamp of MSN, being called MSN Wave 11. The new MSN will feature very tight interaction, creating a community among its users. It will feature a revamped Hotmail interface, one that centers on interaction. The Hotmail interface has three panes, arranging emails in a way that makes it easy to track conversation topics (there is even a "Hot Topics/News" portion). Updates to MSN Spaces will inlude Group Spaces, which are much like LiveJournal communities, while Messenger will introduce Circles, all of which will work together to better communicate among groups of friends.

Messenger will feature user-customizable layouts and lots of little bars that you can add into it that do things like read RSS feeds, file sharing, search, radio, news (headlines, weather, traffic...), and maybe even integrated Windows Media Player. Messenger will also be able to dock on the desktop, or, if your feeling like having some fun, you can minimize it but keep some of the bars and push them whereever you want them to be. Messenger will also feature photo sharing. You can have an "Avatar" on Messenger that can "purchase" new clothes and accessories with points (no word on how you accumulate points).

Finally, there's MSN Marketplace, which is like an Orkut that actually makes financial sense. You can list anything you want to sell, stuff you want, and recommendations, and people who know you or are close enough can bid on them.. Messenger automatically notifies people when stuff you might want is listed by someone you know. It's like a useful Orkut, a more trustful Craigslist, an eBay for your social circle. Neowin describes it as, "It is like eBay except with people that you already know and trust directly (or a few degrees out)".

MSN is focusing the development on these key parts:
  • Me (My Identity)
  • My Relationships (My Social Network)
  • Catch up
  • Publish & Archive
  • Communicate
  • E-mail, IM, & SMS
  • Voice & Video
  • Share
  • Fun (Play Together)
Neowin had some screenshots, but Microsoft requested they take them down (although some intrepid people saved them). I wouldn't mind seeing some (assuming I didn't save them all already)...

I gotta say, I love using MSN (so much to the point that I rarely use Firefox). It does have a very tight interface that manages to dump a ton of features into a single screen in a way that actually works (try finding all the Firefox extensions you need and getting them to work right). I can't wait for these improvements (and wouldn't mind a chance to beta test them *wink* *wink*). I use all the little widgets MSN has, and they certainly make my life easier. Why do I have to wait till 2006?
(via Seattle PI)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are some screenshots here:!1pTr1nkEyfr0jlVMnSuwi3hA!251.entry

5:57 AM  
Blogger Nathan Weinberg said...

Thanks, man.

Watch out for a takedown notice. Could happen.

11:43 AM  

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