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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

How Does MSN Search Change SEO?

Kevin Ryan, iMedia's Search editor, has an article where he talks about the difficulties MSN's new engine and its emergence as a major player brings to the SEO game. With four major engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Jeeves) powering most web searches, site owners now have a lot of different types of optimization to worry about. Kevin says people have been sending him "an onslaught of emails" asking how MSN Search makes everybody's job harder. MSN is quite possibly the most difficult popular search engine for SEO, because of the large number of options for changing your search. You may be number one for cameras, but a smart consumer (one likely to be about to buy a camera), may be searching with 100% Relevancy on the slider, in which case you may not be in the top ten. There's a lot more to consider now that Microsoft's hat is in the ring. (via Search Engine Guide)


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