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Monday, November 15, 2004

Opera Posts Dissapointing Third Quarter Loss

Opera, the third most popular browser for Windows, announced a third quarter loss triple that of three years ago. While IE has its enormous base and Firefox is getting all the hype (and millions of downloads), Opera is having trouble catching on because unlike all the popular alternatives (including Safari), it charges for its browser (there is a free version of ads, but that version is not what the company's revenue model needs). Opera Software's stock fell 6.5% in the wake of the news. Hoping to combat the downward trend, Opera announce it would begin a massive marketing campaign to promote awareness of the browser. The company, which posted a $9.62 million profit earlier this year before bleeding to the point where it is once again losing money, hopes it can spend its way to success, but history says it is more likely to spend until there's nothing left.


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