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Monday, November 15, 2004

Yahoo Mail Hits Back With 250 Megs

Yahoo announced it was upping its email storage space to 250 megabytes to compete with Hotmail and Gmail. Previously, Yahoo and Hotmail had only given users a few megabytes, but following the announcement of Gmail offering 1000 megabytes, Yahoo increased their space to 100 MB, while Hotmail announced a 250 MB upgrade. Yahoo proved to be the smart one, since Hotmail is still rolling out 250 MB accounts, while Yahoo has had increased storage for months. Now that a large number of Hotmail accounts have the larger number, Yahoo has increased its own. Yahoo also said it was beginning testing of DomainKeys to verify email addresses, and thus combat spam. Google has been using the service, created by Yahoo, for months (even before Yahoo decided to use it), and Earthlink will also begin testing it out.

UPDATE: Yahoo posts about the upgrade in their blog. Besides the storage increase and DomainKeys, they announced improved searching of the inbox and DHTML instant autocomplete for email addresses. *cough*Gmail*cough*


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