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Monday, December 20, 2004

Clipping Tool For MSN Deskbar

The Interoperability Blog presents a neat tool for the MSN Deskbar: 25 (or so) lines of code that add a clipboard function to the Deskbar. The idea is that you can type "clip [shortcut]" and get the URL of any shortcut you've stored pasted into the clipboard. While a useful function for power users, I don't see too many people getting it (especially since you'll need to compile it yourself). I have a solution, of course: If it's such a small amount of code, why not just build it into the next update of the Deskbar? Shouldn't prove too hard.

Postscript: I must admit that after blogging about "Interoperability Month" Saturday night, me and the little lady had twenty minutes of bad jokes and giggling about the word "interoperability". I don't know what it is, but that word has hilarity written all over it. I'm afraid this post may start it all over again...


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