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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Microsoft Comment Spam Wars Continue

Well the recent rash of comment spam on MSDN weblogs continues, with the IE blog starting to complain, and forcing Andy Boyd to quit his blog and start a new one using WordPress, but not before getting mighty po'd:
I'm tired, of whoever the jackpipe is with the Chinese domain names continually asking me to go to or whatever...

Why start my own you ask? We're Microsoft and have $70B and surely can install some sort of widget to prevent stupid feedback spamming? Well, you'd think so.
I'm pretty sure $70 billion is low-balling it, but still...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well the IP address that is currently posting porn links to my guestbook is owned by .... wait for it Microsoft!
It appears they have a hole somewhere and are openly allowing their proxy to ruin the internet for normal everyday users they they would "really like to enpower" ,well guess what ,they seemingly don't give a flying XXXX and have been hammering my webserver constantly since January despite my pleas for them to cease and desist, they have sent me replies suggesting that I contact microsoft UK for support for my microsoft product?huh?, and also suggested that I use email filtering??(how does that work on a Linux box running apache webserver being hammered by their open proxy posting to my long gone web comments form?)
Their blunders are being catalogued at
as it appears the automated replies are generated by cracked up monkeys being lead by a paperclip with usefull but irrelevent suggestions

In the words of Mr Jim Royle.
"Microsoft comment spam wars, my arse"

4:52 PM  

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