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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Microsoft Spyware Seeker Is Coming

Microsoft announced today that it has acquired GIANT Company Software, makers of anti-spyware and internet security products, for the sole purpose of handing those products over to Windows users. From the press release:
Microsoft plans to make available to Windows customers a beta version of a spyware protection, detection and removal tool, based on the GIANT AntiSpyware product, within one month. The upcoming beta will scan a customer's PC to locate spyware and other deceptive software threats and enable customers to remove them. The tool will be configurable to block known spyware and other unwanted software from being installed on the computer. It will be available for Microsoft Windows 2000 and later versions.
This news comes not long after it was leaked that MS is working on an antivirus solution for customers as well. Both of these programs represents the majority of the user community's failure to avail itself of already available products. Most users who are struck with viruses are not willing to pay for an antivirus, and most users hit with spyware do not scan their computer with free tools like AdAware and Spybot. Because users refuse to arm themselves, but complain about MS software not being secure, Microsoft is buying up companies and devoting millions in company research on projects that should be unnecessary. Well, at least this means that in eight months, every Windows user should have an antivirus and spyware detecting program.
(via the Unofficial Microsoft Weblog)

Postscript - GIANT's spyware research center is called "SpyNet". Sorry, but that creeps me out.


Blogger Senthil Kumar said...

So another company goes down the drain. Its good to have this competition going on between google, microsoft and the open source, we users would get almost everything for free. I like this.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Nathan Weinberg said...

While I wouldn't describe it as another company going down the drain, I agree with everything else you said. There are so many small, talented companies out there, and every time I see how desperate they are to survive, I pray that one of the majors picks them up so they have a chance. So many net companies go bust, and I'd hate for us to lose a good one because they were too small. Plus, that companies products stay free. Were they to be independent, they would start charging (if they don't already), or find alternative revenue means, such as spyware. It's good, in most cases.

1:34 PM  

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