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Friday, December 03, 2004

MSN Spaces Gets Blog It! Toolbar Button

Scott Isaacs, a Architect for MSN Web Experience, has created a toolbar button for instant blogging from IE, which he calls Blog It!. The button allows you to select text, click the button, and get an instantly populated entry, replete with title, text, link, and trackback. Click here to get it.
(via Omar Shahine's blog)


Blogger Exhomeless-Guy said... has created 3 freeware toolbars I wish to share with the world on .One toolbar has pop-up stopper/blocker and even web surfing evidence removal techniques! The second one has no images or advanced features other than power searching the internet's top 150 search engines (blogs, news, images, videos, mp3s, ftps, and more). The third one is a very small (takes up hardly any browser space) and simple pop-up stopper addon. Check them out (visit to see list)! It's free with no spyware (our servers are too bizzy to record your surfing, unlike Yahoo and Google's toolbar)!

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