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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Will MSN Spaces Support An API?

Microsoft's Dare Obasanjo comments on the possibility of an MSN Spaces API. If you don't want to click the link, he basically says that the existing APIs (Blogger and MetaWeblog) are not so feasible becauseof security concerns, and because they don't support the various features of Spaces. MSN doesn't want people to just post, they want to see all the options in use. Plus, as a business sense, they need users taking advantage of all the features or else how will they show the differences between them and their competitors? As for creating their own API, which they think is a great idea, except for that they don't want a million APIs out there. They'd rather not have a different API for every service, splitting the market even further and making things difficult for everyone. Which brings up the most likely third option, supporting the Atom API, which aims to replace all the major blog APIs. MSN would rather throw its support behind market integration than try to drive a wedge in, which is great for everyone. Of course, if Atom can't support all the features of Spaces, then once, again, they're not interested.

Final answer? No plans to develop or support any APIs, but MSN is closely watching in the hopes that it can eventually.


Blogger netdroid9 said...

In settings, as long as your blog is public, you can enable support for RSS 2.0.

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