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Monday, December 13, 2004

MSN Toolbar Suite Launches

Microsoft has launched the MSN Toolbar Suite. The suite contains a new MSN Toolbar, the MSN Deskbar, toolbars for Outlook and Windows Explorer.

From the press release:
  • Quick, precise retrieval of desktop files.
    Consumers can quickly and easily search
    the thousands of files on their PCs, including Outlook Contacts or Calendar files, Adobe PDFs files, or Microsoft Office Word or PowerPoint® files. As a result, consumers will save time and increase their productivity.
  • Information when and where it's needed.
    The MSN toolbars
    save time, allowing consumers to find precisely what they need with less effort, when and where they need it, with less effort and within seconds. The MSN toolbars are conveniently designed to work with Outlook, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer and the Windows desktop. The MSN Toolbars also give consumers quick access to MSN Messenger, MSN Hotmail® and MSN Spaces, enabling them to initiate common communication tasks right from the bar, including e-mail, instant messaging and inserting URLs into Spaces blogs.
  • Familiar interfaces and useful results.
    Consumers can use desktop search when browsing files in Windows in a comfortable and familiar format, enabling them to open files in their associated application directly from their desktop search results and enabling quick access to actions such as managing, sharing, deleting or playing files.
  • New MSN Search service.
    MSN Toolbar Suite displays Web search results from the recently launched MSN Search Beta release,* a new algorithmic search engine built by Microsoft and designed to help consumers find precisely the information they are looking for by providing more useful answers to their questions and more control over their search experience.
The Toolbar Suite is a 4.7 megabyte download, about 11.5 times that of Google Desktop Search (which makes sense, since it has more programs). I'm putting together a full review right now, but right off the bat, I'm extremely dissapointed that it only supports Outlook and not Outlook Express. This is a free program, so why does it only support the version Outlook you have to pay for?


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