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Monday, December 13, 2004

Scoble Says MSN Toolbar Suite Is "Wicked"

Operating on the assumption that today's big announcement is the Toolbar Suite (since everyone but Bill Gates has said so), Scoble has this to say about the new product:
Everyone lately has been saying "Microsoft is slow" or "Microsoft can't react to Google" or "Microsoft has lost it."

Oh yeah? Come back on Monday. Remember last Sunday when I said I had seen something that left me speechless? Well, in the videos I filmed (and I filmed more than 1.5 hours worth with nearly the entire team working on the thing that's being shipped into beta on Monday) I am heard saying "that's wicked."

The really wicked thing, though, is that this team (the one shipping a beta on Monday) did not exist before last April (and, most of the team didn't join until June or July, which is when they really started their work).

On Monday you'll hear how this team -- in less than seven months -- designed, built, tested, and delivered a pretty darn cool new product.

Can Microsoft move fast? Is seven months fast enough? We'll see.
I might add that this post is mostly about the failure to get WinFS to market in time. Is Scoble saying MS threw enormous resources into Monarch because of the WinFS delays? Seems that way to me. Oh, and what did he say a week ago?
Yesterday had a wonderful Channel 9 interview with another Microsoft team too. Oh, this is gonna be a fun one. I can't talk about it, but they are working very hard to make sure that Santa has a little gift for all of you that you'll like. I hope they get it done, I was very suprised at it. Speechless, actually.
Happy holidays, indeed.


Blogger Amit Agarwal said...

I think Microsoft got too many things to compete at once - Browser Wars, Search Engine Wars and now the Desktop Search war.

Let's see who wins !!

Amit @ Desktop Search Tools

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's alive

11:52 AM  

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