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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Some Windows Freebies For The Holidays

Microsoft has released the Winter Fun Pack for Windows XP. It includes:
  • Three new hholiday-themed visualizations for Media Player 10
  • Five new skins for MP10 (four for the holidays, plus the Halo 2 skin)
  • Windows Media Player 10 PowerToys - With the Holiday Music Auto Playlist Pack, the Song Signature Plug-in (let your friends know in your emails what song you're listening to, and adds a Blogging plug-in to Media Player), and the Media Info Exporter Plug-in (export your playlists to Excel, Access, HTML, or XML)
  • Some new wallpaper images from Corbis
  • The TweakMCE2005 PowerToy for Windows Media Center Edition 2005 - Access settings in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 including remote control settings, Skip and Replay timings and more.
  • Kris the Holiday Dancing Elf - A 3D animated character that dances to the beats of the music that's playing on your desktop.
  • Photo Story 3 for Windows - Create photo slideshows with narration, effects and music that are easy to share with friends.
There is one catch: You need a Genuine Copy of Windows XP. Trust me, it checks. Cool stuff.
(via the MSDN Student Flash blog)


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