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Monday, December 20, 2004

Digitally Signed Email

So, today I got my first digitally signed email, a email sent to a Hotmail account, but read in MSN Explorer. I'm not sure who's responsible for checking for digital signatures, MSN or Hotmail, but I applaud it either way (and I especially applaud Apple for using it). Still, shoudn't digitally signed email not wind up with the rest of the junk mail?


Blogger mvaneerde said...

Digitally signed mail is nothing new. It's verified by the receiving user agent - your MSN Explorer, or Outlook, or whatever.

Most attempts to use digital signatures as a means for bypassing spam checks are trivially defeated by spammers just getting themselves digital signatures and signing their spam.

Yahoo has been looking into a way of doing this called "DomainKeys". This would serve the same function as Microsoft's proposed "Sender ID" standard - namely, it would be able to prove where an email came from.

Myself, I favor PGP - you digitally sign the content, not the email.

3:45 PM  

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