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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Microsoft Sells Links Studio To Take-Two

Microsoft has sold Indie Built, developer of Links, Amped and TopSpin to New York-based publisher Take-Two Interactive. This comes just months after MS closed down their XSN-team sports games studio, back in August. The sale of the company and its golf, snowboarding and tennis video games, represents the end of Microsoft development on sports games, and a is part of the strategy to focus on platform defining games in the Halo 2 mold. Take-Two is expected to continue running the studio, and comtinue employing its 70 Salt Lake City-based employees. The studio was sold for an undisclosed sum.

My opinion: They should have given it away for free, in return for a guarantee from Take-Two that all future Grand Theft Auto games are released on the Xbox on or before their Playstation release dates. That would be worth a lot more than whatever Indie Built was valued at.


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