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Monday, December 13, 2004

MSN Toolbar Suite Tips

The MSN Search Weblog has some tips for the Toolbar Suite:
Start any task, quicker

By default you can jump focus to the Deskbar by pressing CTR+ALT+M. For fans of the Window’s key – go to Deskbar options and enter SHIFT+Q (or any letter not already in use). Now when you press Windows+Q you’ll jump to the Deskbar and be ready to search right away.

Find entire conversations

After finding an email you were looking for, try right-clicking on it. Select “Show Conversation” and we’ll automatically refine the search results to show all the emails from the conversation thread.
Also, Jonathan Hardwick notes that you can preface anything in the Deskbar with the equals sign (=) and turn it into a command. This means by typing =, the Deskbar behaves exactly like Start>Run. Excellent timesaver.


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